Education and Training

Education and Training

Education is a basic human right which helps person to reach his or her full potentials and so the society reaches to its full exploration of the life. Education provides various capabilities to think, to know, to perform, to learn etc. In India after many years of independence education is still a distant dream for marginalized people.

  1. Many tribal communities still lack Early Child Education Centers ( EEC) facilities. Social Centre even today find out the communities of tribals where they are lacking EEC centre then starts it runs it and hand over after two to three years time to ICDS project of government. Social Centre intervenes at various levels and with different methods on issue of education. While serving the need of education of most marginalized people at beginners level i.e. early education service. This service is at remote places where ICDS has not yet reached or primary schools are unable to do much. EECs is a basic entry point educational facility by Social Centre. Community or existing government school needs to provide a place to conduct EECs. Social Centre through the community finds a teacher who could provide elementary educational inputs, games, poems, drawing, teaching basic alphabets etc. This is for daily three hours time. Some nutritional food is provided daily for children. Besides school uniform, and other play material is also provided to the children those who come to EECs. Social Centre handed over three EEC to the government through ICDS programme. Presently two new EECs are at Godsedara and Tas villages. Nearly 65 children are getting benefits of this service. This facility helps continuing schooling of the children of most poor and of remote communities.  These centres work for the all-round development of the children.
  2. Continuing schooling of poorest of poor- Elementary & primary schooling is a must inputs for overall development. Many times due to distance, poverty many children do lack minimum means to continue education, for e.g. slate, pen, writing books, note book, school bags, school uniform, bicycle etc. Social Centre through help of individual donors tries to get some funds for providing such basic means to school-going children. This helps to reduce their chance of school drop outs due to extreme poverty. Social Centre run study centres in the schools for one hour. I.e. usually before the schools start. During this time animators of Social Centre in each project village of tribals take class where home work, games, additional educational skill improvement inputs are given to the children. Once in a year two days of residential camp is organized as outing during Diwali vacations where more than 200 children gather together from all these hamlets. Every year 30 girls who wish to continue their high school education and have no means of transport to go to schools are provided bicycles.
  3. Social Centre has developed a multidisciplinary two year’s post graduate course on Natural Resource Management and Sustainable Development. This course has been approved by academic council of SPPU-Pune University. It is going to commence at Sub centre Ahmednagar of SPPU from August 2017. This course is laboratory based tested knowledge for practice based professionals

Apart from formal educational service, non formal educational inputs are provided through various means and modes in the project villages to develop life skills among all age groups for women, farmers, youths etc.

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