Child Focused Community Development

Children are the future care takers of society and the environment. Hence providing them a good education, and mentoring them in caring for society and the environment will ensure  a better world for them to live in.  Social Centre focuses on all children in the project area to get involved as direct or indirect stakeholders in the project.

Through the Child Focused Community Development project, children receive inputs on various issues like child rights, proper use of natural resources, plastic free villages, clean and green villages etc. Games and extra-curricular activities, cultural programmes, exposure visits, rallies on special occasions, competitions on various themes like safe environment, plantation and protection of trees, special study hours before schooling are promoted so that education becomes part and parcel of active community life. Future leadership is developed through child parliament and eco-clubs. Social Centre establishes Early Child Care Centres in those villages where children are deprived of their basic right to free education.