Food Security and Sustainable Agricultural Practices

Food security poses a major challenge before the world today. Population is increasing at an alarming rate which creates pressure on the existing agricultural resources.  Since agriculture remains the basic source for most of the people for their daily sustenance, Social Centre introduces farmers in the project area to innovative sustainable agriculture practices such as increasing the number of agriculture cycles in the year, increasing productivity, and organic and natural farming practices for food security. The components of the programme are:

  • Protecting the environment, minimizing soil degradation and erosion, decreasing pollution, optimizing biological productivity and promoting sound health.
  • Maintaining long-term soil fertility by optimizing conditions for biological activity within the soil.
  • Maintaining bio- diversity within the system.
  • Recycling materials and resources to the extent possible within the enterprise.
  • Providing proper livestock management.
  • Preparing organic products and emphasizing careful processing and handling of wastes.
  • Relying on renewable resources in locally organized agricultural systems.