Agriculture continues to employ 70% or our workforce. About 60% of our project population is directly engaged in agriculture. Since its inception, Social Centre, has focused on sustainable livelihood creation through agriculture and other allied activities in rural areas. Vocational training, community basedmicro enterprises, skill development, micro credit, transfer of technology etc. adequately supplement the sustainable livelihood options for the people.  The livelihood programme is promoted mainly by engaging the poor households, landless agricultural labourers, small and marginal farmers, poor and needy women and unemployed youth. The approach of Social Centre is to design and deliver innovative and self-sustaining livelihood programs and village-based initiatives.  Agro processing, dairy, animal husbandry, poultry units, fisheries, food processing, statute making, tailoring, and setting up various services like grocery-shops etc. are the livelihood options promoted and adopted by people in the project area.