Tribal Development

Government of India (GOI) has declared Scheduled Tribes as deprived communities that need special care.  Social Centre began working in the year 2000 to integrate tribal communities into the mainstream of society. Through the Integrated Tribal Community Development Programme, Social Centre is now working in more than 30 Thakkar and Bhil tribal hamlets in Parner Taluka through Community Based Organisations (CBOs).

Through these CBOs, Social Centre builds awareness and helps tribal access the various Government schemes that are available for these communities.  It supports and guides the tribals to obtain basic amenities like housing, piped water supply, solar lanterns, subsidies for food grains and seeds, through government schemes.  Services like health and education; vocational training, organic farming, renewable energy, and livelihood / income-generating activities; and watershed treatment schemes have been accessed successfully by Social Centre and implemented by the local communities. The Community Based Organisations play a pivotal role in the effective implementation of the projects.