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Arrupe Research Institute

Research is an ongoing part and parcel of development service, challenges are upcoming and solutions needed to be found and research helps to get assured universalized viable solutions with possibility of replicability. Arrupe Research Istitute carries various researches those will help to have a sound development practice. Presently Social Centre has carried one action research on a theme of Toilet-Bathroom attached Biogas plant with kitchen garden development on gray water and biomass for organic farming.  In Ahmednagar district Social Centre carried out 50 pilot units were completed with the farmers those who had two animals’ dung and without a facility of toilets. Now those families are able to save minimum RS 700-800 per month on fuel cost, due to kitchen gardens families get better nutrition and vegetables. Tree are saved as wood cutting for cooking purpose has stopped, women’s health has improved due to less smoke or no smoke while cooking,  sanitation has been improved  and so the health. Organic farming, due to biogas slurry has become possible. Action based research helps finding new solutions for development practice to help rural poor in much better ways. Arrupe Research Institute tries to find out new ways, methods and effective practice in development sector with much trust towards effective natural resource management practice for better human life.