Watershed Development plays a key role in the development sector, especially in the rural areas. Social Centre through the fifty
The Food Security, Women and Child Development project in Karanji area is coming to a close in March 2020. The project
The Society of Jesus is celebrating the quincentenary of the ‘Cannonball Moment’ of St. Ignatius of Loyola, with the theme
Promoting the use of Biogas Units serves a dual purpose of addressing the issue of open defecation and proper disposal
Global Warming is a manmade disaster, which requires man made solutions. The excess of Carbon and the effects of green
There is a growing demand for organic products among the urban families and there is a dearth of supply. This
Social Centre helps people and communities to adopt more and more renewable energy alternatives like solar, biomass, biogas, reuse of
SHGs has become panacea for poor women to get economically, socially and politically strengthen. Social Centre also believes in strength
Skill development and assured employment for rural youth is of prime concern. Lack of viable livelihood opportunities are the major