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Social Centre is a philanthropic organization of Pune Jesuit Province engaged in integrated comprehensive sustainable development of communities in the drought-prone Ahmednagar district and other surrounding districts of Maharashtra. Since its establishment by Fr. Hermann Bacher in the year 1966 various pioneering interventions have been undertaken in poverty alleviation programmes based on the natural resources available in the villages such as land, soil, water, forest, air, animals and human beings, in short whatever is connected with land and life. Social Centre is a pioneering institution that designed the “Ridge to Valley Watershed Development Programme” with active participation of people at every stage of its implementation. It became so successful that the Government of India took it up as a national programme and promoted it across several states of India through NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development).

Since then Social Centre has worked in more than 197 villages in Ahmednagar, Beed, Akola, Amravati districts of Maharashtra State in India. It is a recipient of many awards for its innovative, holistic, conceptual development programmes and projects.

Development Programmes & Projects

To provide a sustainable solution to recurring drought situation.Social Centre launched the . . .

People with Social Centre Works

Social Centre builds awareness and helps that tribal access the various government schemes that are…

Institutions of Social Centre

Saheli – a project for the Adolescent Girl Child. Ashakiran – Rehabilitation centre for HIV-infected children…

Education & Research Centre

Through education programmes, Social Centre imparts knowledge and skills to empower disadvantaged…

About foundation


Integrated development of the weaker exploited and deprived sections of the society.


Social Centre works towards the integrated development of socially, economically, educationally, morally, culturally and politically weaker, exploited and deprived sections of the society.

Area Of Operation

Social Centre’s area of operation is in the State of Maharashtra, in central peninsular India. Our interventions are restricted to rural farming communities, that are among the poorest of the poor and live in ecologically degraded environments.

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This programme significantly affects the quality of life and enables people especially the poor to live with dignity. The programme objective is to promote and empower people by connecting them with ecology based sustainable development. Social Centre pays particular attention to environmental conservation and regeneration, migration, organic farming with soil conservation, multiple intercropping patterns, food security, poverty alleviation, farmer clubs, promotion and empowerment of women through SHG’s and establishing its federation, housing, renewal of natural and solar energy, children’s parliament, public health, education, collaborating with government agencies for possibilities of employment generation and other related activities through watershed programme.

Watershed Development plays a key role in the development sector, especially in the rural areas. Social Centre through the fifty
The Food Security, Women and Child Development project in Karanji area is coming to a close in March 2020. The project
The Society of Jesus is celebrating the quincentenary of the ‘Cannonball Moment’ of St. Ignatius of Loyola, with the theme


Entrepreneurship Development

Women play an important role in the development of any society and at all levels. The rural women have got that potential to bring about…

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Watershed Development

The realisation of the value of ‘water’ is on the increase as people realise its scarcity. The residents of Bhosarmal, Gurhewadi and Gadhvezhap of Mhasobachazhap…

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