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Watershed Development

The realisation of the value of ‘water’ is on the increase as people realise its scarcity. The residents of Bhosarmal, Gurhewadi and Gadhvezhap of Mhasobachazhap Grampanchayat approched Social Centre to plan a watershed to increase the water table and give them a constant source of livelihood. NABARD is the backbone for the Watershed Development program in this area. The tentative area that will be treated is approximatly 750 Ha.

During the past year the pandemic brought about many challenges and it proved the saying ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’. The people of Bhosarmal responded in a positive way to complete work on different structures in the treatment area covering 79.00 Ha. It was a challenging job as most of the land is rocky and all the structures were done without use of machinery which is a remarkable achievement.

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