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Ignatian Year Initiatives Shelter – Housing for disadvantaged families

The Society of Jesus is celebrating the quincentenary of the ‘Cannonball Moment’ of St. Ignatius of Loyola, with the theme ‘To See All Things New In Christ’.

The Pune Jesuit Province is carrying forward this initiative in a form that is being more humane, live a new life and believe that all is not lost, there is hope, and there is a future, even for those who have no hope. Merging with one of the Universal Apostolic Preference of walking with the excluded, it is being planned to give ‘New Life’ in a ‘New Dwelling’. This in a way will be a concrete way of helping families.

The Ignatian Year Housing Project is a vision of the Pune Jesuit Province to provide housing to those families without any remote chance of getting a decent shelter to live in. Social Centre has been instrumental in identifying ten such families from the marginalized section of the Tribal community in Bhosarmal, Parner Block in Ahmednagar district.

It is planned to build a house for these homeless tribals with an attached toilet and bathroom. The entire materials for construction and essentials is being borne by the donor agencies, while the families will contribute in terms of labour and minor locally available essentials to construct their houses.

God bless all the donors and the concerned beneficiaries.