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Xavier Institute of Natural Resource Management

Xavier Institute specially formed to commence Post graduate 2 years full time degree course on “Natural Resource Management and Sustainable Development.”

From last 50 years Social Centre serves nature and most disadvantaged people who have been affected due to deteriorating nature. Since 1966 Social Centre is constantly working to get solutions for problems of drought prone areas; mostly where water availability becomes a challenge. So the management of natural resources for sustainable living for human race becomes a mission. Huge enlightenment and knowledge pull on the issues related to it has been strength of Social Centre. And on the occasion of Golden jubilee celebrations of its service to poor in drought prone regions of Maharashtra, the management of Social Centre tries to bring these laboratory tested knowledge with multidisciplinary approach as a ‘Post graduate course under the approval and sanction of the Academic Council of the Savitribai Phule Pune University( SPPU). It is a 2 year full time professional practice and theory based course to fill the human resource gaps on applied capabilities in field of Natural Resource Management with sustainability perspective. The course is available at Social Centre Ahmednagar for all graduates from various disciplines. Jesuit priests with multidisciplinary competencies as well expert resources will be main faculties with jobs on training on various concern issues emerging  from ecological imbalance. The course carries universal service providers’ goals and is addressing the various Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

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